24 Carat

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Indica/Sativa: 90/10 

Cycle Time: 65 to 70 days from sprout 

Size: 60 – 90cm 

Yield: 50 to 90 grams 

Aroma and flavour: Pungent with a Capital P OG, earthy, piney, dash of lemon. Mouth coating blend of earthy, pungent and sweet rolled into one. 

Effect: Strong, couch locking, straight to the legs and straight to the head, and will take you to your own world of planet Skywalker. 

Medicinal Effects: Great for anxiety and pain relief, promotes well being

Genetic Heritage: Skywalker Kush Cut (DNA seeds) x Triangle F3 

Seed Type: F7 Feminised Automatic

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Genetic Heritage: Sour Boggle (BOG Seeds) x Breeding Auto Purple Indica

Seed Type: F7 Feminised Automatic

Indica/Sativa: 100% Indica

Cycle Time: 65 – 70 days from sprout

Size: 40 – 60cm+ (Under HPS)

Yield: 60 to 90 grams as a single plant

Best Method for overall high yield:: 20 per 1.2m x 1.2m sq in 12 Liter pots.

Aroma and flavour: Sour coffee to fruity with hints of bubblegum.

Effect: Narcotic, couchlock, medicinal.

Best Grown: Indoor Flower

Density: 9.5/10

Cannabinoids: 15% THC


Project Introduction and Overview:

Our most Afghan derived automatic! 24 Carat holds a special place in our hearts -she was the first ever Mephisto Genetics completed project. Designed to be our new high quality Autoflower Sea of Green strain the result is a great yield potential and fast turn-arounds of really nice quality meds. 24 Carat has a high flower to leaf ratio, as well a high yield relative to the plant size. We selected a beautiful example of Sour Boggle from the F2’s we made: hard buds, and waxy green leaves the size of dinner plates that will purple under cooler temperatures. Ultra frosty, and hard nuggets, with an indica/highly medicinal effect, it is now nicely stable at F6 and has been used to create many auto to auto hybrids and a new Artisanal strain in development.

Strain behavior and structure:

Bushy, thick, and a squat structure which results in a plant 40-60cm tall. Responds well to light stress training and leaf tucking early on. The fan leaves can be so big it is worth removing a few to encourage lower shoots. Internodes are tight. 24 Carat is an easy plant to grow, that doesn’t want for much, she just gets on with it. Maintain a low humidity in mid-late flower, and ensure good ventilation to prevent mould. Better suited to indoor unless you have a very arid outdoor climate. She is a great little hash-plant for the extract lovers out there; she is super easy to process and the trim is well worth utilising.

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