Banana Sapphire Fem – Humboldt Seed Org.

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INTRODUCTION: This fruitful combination brings together the powerful subtleties of the Banana OG with the acrid complexity of our unique and elite Sapphire OG. These two varieties have given birth to this phenomenal creation. The Banana Sapphire has incredible growth and yield potential. Great for any level of grower as the flavor proceeds the name with strong gassy essence and sweet subtle banana and fruity undertones. This strain is not to be missing out of any collection.

TERPENES AND FLAVOR: Terpene profile expresses the beautiful fusion of strong acrid gas and black pepper followed by subtle fruity tropical flavors dominant in banana with sweet mango undertones. This mouthwatering combination activates the salivary glands and truly translates to the pallet the essence of what you smell.

EFFECTS: Banana Sapphire is known for its “creeper” effect normally resulting in a couch lock. Great for end of day use and excellent for pain relief as well. Experienced indica smokers may enjoy the very strong cerebral high this strain has to offer.

YIELD: Banana sapphire has a great production value. Plants outdoors can yield as much as 10 lbs per plant Or up to 5000+ grams. Yields indoors could be expected at 450 – 500 grams per square meter.


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